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Rocket Italian

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Granted, I am not a very disciplined student, but I have tried all of the language learning tools around I think... I like aspects of all of them, but not everything about any of them... I haven't been working with Rocket Italian for very long, but I am beginning to think that it may change all of that! I like the variety of presentations they take you through for each lesson - I originally took the stance that I didn't care about being able to write Italian, but as time goes on, I find that it not only helps you remember things, but comes in handy as you email more and more with Italian speakers. I liked that aspect of Fluenz, but other aspects bugged me... didn't really like Rosetta Stone... like Plimslur in my car, but only as practice, not really as comprehensive learning... so, I am thrilled with what I am finding with Rocket Italian!