Charles Saporito

Rocket Italian NJ , United States

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Before our last trip to Italy we purchased Rosetta Stone, lost interest after about a month and didn't learn as much as we had hoped. We are going back this year, so I decided to try another program. Someone suggested Pimsleur, so I got a trial edition and quickly realized I would pretty much wind up illiterate but be able to speak some Italian. This may be all some people are looking for which is fine, but I wanted to be able to read and write also.
After Googling Italian Language I found Rocket Italian, the reviews were great so I tried it. Rocket Italian has the best overall lessons that I've seen. They start out easy so you have some early success, then get progressively longer and harder. You can repeat as much as you'd like depending on how anal you are at getting everything right (that would be me) or move forward as fast as you want. I have a long commute each day, so I downloaded all the lessons to my Ipod and listen to them on my way to and from work. I subscribed to the RAI channel as a means keeping track of progress. At first it seemed as though native Italians speak so fast I couldn't tell when one word ended and the next started, they appeared just be making noises, lol. Now, after just one month I can make out words and some phrases, It's as though they slowed down. It's very encouraging to make progress! I also have to say that the audio lessons are interesting, Maria and Alex break the lesson up with interesting culture and language history. As I've seen before, just repeating word after word, sentence after sentence gets boring and you lose interest quickly.