Andy Levene

Rocket French

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Rocket languages works! I spent about 6 weeks learning French in preparation for a holiday break. I was able to order food, drinks, ask for basic directions when lost, and have a very basic simple conversation. The best thing about Rocket is the facility to record your voice and compare it to the native speaker and practice again and again till you get it right (or at least good enough to be understood).
Personally, I don't think one could ever be fluent using any online programme. For that you need personal one to one tuition on a VERY regular basis and you would need to live in the country so you are forced to speak the language every single day. Otherwise - forget about advanced conversational level fluency - not ever gonna happen. But if you want to make yourself understood for basic requests, to make your holiday a more enjoyable experience, then Rocket delivers as long as you put in the practice hours and persist.