Tom Rutherford

Rocket Italian Chicago, IL , United States

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I have been studying Italian since 2010. Rocket Italian has been my primary learning vehicle although I have dabbled with others. Even with Rocket Italian, I suffer from 2 things everyone else struggles with: 1. Not having a person (s) with whom I can carry on a conversation and 2.I have a real job that takes up a lot of time. I have all 3 products, levels I, II and III and early on I raced through each lesson and did the multiple test questions at the end then went on. Then as time went on, I went back and listened to each lesson a 2nd and 3rd and 4th time and did all the tests. Hear it Say it, Write it and Know it. When I started doing those faithfully, my learning really took off. Another thing that has helped me recognize words is a website you can go to called Slow News in Italian. You can google it. It’s the days news slowly, in Italian and the translation is there if you struggle. It really helps pick up conversation. I offer these ideas because I just read several of the posts people have made and I see so many of us with the same issues. Buon imparando!