Robert Elliot

Rocket German Boston, MA

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This program has been very helpful for me. I studied German grammar with another book before using this program, but I found that unless I learned how to speak the language, I wasn't going to be able to remember vocabulary. Rocket German has been very helpful with pronunciation and a basic introduction to the language (after all, I'm still only on the Premium level). I very much appreciate the interactive lessons and how I'm able to repeat myself a number of times so that the pronunciation sticks. The only improvement would be to include more writing exercises. The only writing exercise in the program is to write in German a phrase that the program says in German. It would be very helpful to include an exercise that makes you write in German either what is written or what is spoken in English. Otherwise, I've very much enjoyed using the program, and I think it has been very helpful thus far! Regarding the price, I think it is fairly low compared to other language learning programs, but I was somewhat upset that I only had one chance to purchase the Premium Plus or the Platinum level at the discounted price. After all, how could I possibly know that I would want all three levels without having used the program for some time? Anyway, the price for the Premium level was very good, but I'm not sure that I'd pay another $150 for the Plus or $300 for the Platinum.