Maile Duffy

Rocket French Honolulu

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This is an absolutely fabulous product. I have done more to improve my speaking ability and listening comprehension skills with Rocket Languages, than I have had with anything else. No other language program is as user friendly towards beginners as Rocket Languages. They either bog us down with way too many conceptions, such as grammar and writing, or they are far too simplistic and cover only the bare minimum of what the average tourist needs to say.
Furthermore, the fact the Rocket Languages sorts theirs lessons by subject and teaches colloquial conversation puts it miles above other programs, that have the user work through everything before being able to move on. That means if you don't want to learn how to say, "the boy is under the ball," YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Now, regarding price there is simply no cheaper alternative to Rocket Languages, except for programs offering monthly subscription. But do you really want that? I mean there is no guarantee that you will have even learned the language by the time your subscription ends, so will probably end up spending the same amount of money anyway. Plus you won't be use those sites for ongoing review a couple months or years down the line. Whereas Rocket Languages offer a LIFETIME ACCOUNT membership with free updates. So go ahead and try it out! There is no better time to start learning a foreign language than now!