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Rocket Spanish

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If you need to teach Spanish to your darlings, I have a recommendation for you: Rocket Spanish. They also offer Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Russian and a few other languages.
Someone recommended it to me and I am in the middle of their 6 day free, no obligation trial. So far I really really like it. I like the way they systematically teach grammar and usage and emphasized speaking/hearing. They say "they take the sentence apart and put it back together again". They have quizzes, vocab, etc in each lesson. You print a pdf for each lesson with vocab and explanation. Conversation and culture is built in daily. It's very user friendly. I personally wouldn't have my kids do it on their own since I want to learn what they are learning, speak with them, etc. Memories, right? But at least I don't have to know what I'm doing. I'll just follow their lead. I like that! Cost is $249 for 3 levels through the trial promotional price (I personally think this covers 2 years of high school Spanish) . $99 for level 1. There are approx 190 total lessons in all 3 levels. They start past and future tenses in level 2. (level 1 has 55 lessons, level 2 has 65 lessons, level 3 has 67 lessons). Abeka started past and future in year 2. Lessons are approx 22-25 minutes each. Most lessons have audio explanations that you listen to and repeat. Some lessons have culture or verb tense lessons that need to be clicked on and you repeat. You SEE the words, HEAR the words and REPEAT the words. Then CLICK on words and TYPE words. Cool. You'll need a microphone connected to your computer. They will rate your pronunciation. They have a built in algarhythm to help in weak spots. There is NO time limit, so if you have 6 kids, you can use it for years and years. I will have my kids print the pdf page, hole punch it and keep it in a notebook. It would be like their textbook. Since there is no homework, I will have them write each phrase and quiz them the next day. yes, I would do the course along with them so we can converse!! Personally, I'm not a fan of immersion learning (this is not immersion). I prefer to learn the rules and reasons why some words end in -o, while others end in -a, -iste, -ous. This is a great balance since they speak both Spanish and English from the very first lesson. Lots of explanation, review and conversation. btw: since I already knew Spanish, I listened to their Spanish lessons to see their approach (loved it!). Then I started their Arabic sample (no, I don't know Arabic). It's much harder, of course, but they break it into bite size chunks. I plan to learn Arabic with my other son for high school.