Mark Waddel

Rocket Spanish Auckland, New Zealand , New Zealand

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Hola, my name is Mark Waddell and I live in New Zealand with my partner from Chile.
When I met her last year, she already spoke English well, but I noticed that there were a lot of English idioms that she didn't understand at all. She would look at me blankly when I used to banter with her in 'double entendres' and I used to be the only one not laughing when a Chilean group would get together for a BBQ. With us both being very busy in our jobs, the Spanish I was picking up was slow and full of slang, so, in January, I decided to go searching for a Spanish Language Program on the Internet. I was really impressed by the service that Mauricio provided and I have to admit that with so much on offer on the internet I was skeptical at first. I tend to like learning something formally and so I though the style offered in Rocket Spanish would not suit me. I was so wrong! The lessons are so informal and relaxed that it is easy to pick up one or two words quickly and within a few weeks you realize that you are starting to understand the structure of the sentence in Spanish. After that you can get into the formal stuff that Rocket Spanish also offers as part of its package. The language games are cool too! I now can quickly get the general understanding of what people are saying in Spanish. I really didn't think that it would happen so quickly. I would highly recommend Rocket Spanish to anyone, because it offers so many ways to learn and it has a great online support. I am very happy that I went with the online option, because I could pick it up and put it down in my own time and not feel as though I was falling behind. Once, years ago, I joined a group to learn French, but felt as though I was the worst and slowest so I missed a session; well that was it then. I never went back and kissed goodbye to about $150. The experience stopped me from believing that I could learn another language. My girlfriend has been the impetus I needed to want to learn and Rocket Spanish has been the device to make it so. I now have another few hundred million people on the planet that I feel confident to converse with and that is an amazing gift. Expect to learn quickly and without the stress of failure with the Rocket Spanish course. I find myself dipping into and English- Spanish dictionary daily now to pick up new words. Hasta luego!