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My friend introduced rocket languages to me before I buy it. She used it to learn Spanish and she can speak fluent Spanish right now. I started to learn French by myself a few days before I bought rocket French. it‘ was a little bit hard for me to hear the French conversation clearly. However, since i bought Rocket, everything is different now. The host in rocket audios will break the sentences into parts so that I can hear them clearly. And after I played those audios again and again,those conversations became much more straightforward. And what's more, I can listen to those audios even when i am in the gym after I download them in my cellphone. u are able to use ur brain more when u are running,weightlifting instead of thinking nothing . And u can listen to those audios when u commute to work as well. U wont have a chance to waste ur time since u get a rocketlanguage. With rocket languages, u can make urself much better. However, it will be better for rocketlanguages to make an app on WP system in cellphone, since I use WP system.