Vincent Ray

Rocket Japanese Maryland , United States

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I've studied Japanese for years using various language learning software, but none of them have really helped me out as much as Rocket has. To begin with, the learning curve feels appropriate for each lesson. You are doing more then just listening to words and phrases and trying to memorize them, you actually unearth the reasons why you say various things at various times. The explanations help you to stay on track, and remain motivated. And even if there are words you don't understand, you can highlight them at any time and look them up in the dictionary. Don't like the definition that is given (or there isn't one)? Then you can add your own definition to stay organized.
Unlike a lot of other programs, you are also learning how to write the actual language in the way that the Japanese do. After all, how can you say you truly understand a language just by reading or speaking it? You have to be able to write it as well, and Rocket shows you how to write each hiragana, katakana, and kanji character properly, stroke by stroke. Price wise, Rocket is truly a bargain for the content that you are receiving. It is all available as soon as you sign up, and there is no expiration date to use the material. Unlike several other programs, the price is also reasonable and stays out of the $200's, making Rocket affordable. You can't go wrong with Rocket Japanese. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, there is still something to learn.