Tyler Stanley

Rocket Japanese Klamath Falls , Japan

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Learning Japanese has always been a dream of mine since I have this great love of the art, music, tradition--basically the entirety of the culture. After ten or so years of dreaming to visit Japan it's finally coming to fruition this upcoming fall. I thought to myself what would be a better time to study a language I've been long aspiring to learn. I've tried a handful of products over these years from Rosetta Stone to Pimsluer, but there always seemed to be a piece missing.
When I first tried Rocket Languages I noticed it had the piece that I was always yearning for in a language learning program, it's modern. Languages change over the years, and the preference of words is very important to sound authentic. Knowing what is more current in society compared to a more archaic can really make or break the authenticity. Another great thing that Rocket Languages does is that they cover a wide spectrum of the language--you get to really understand the language . I love that it really focuses on everything from speaking, writing and culture. And besides just memorizing a phrase like some programs do, Rocket Languages pushes you to truly understand what it means. Over all I highly recommend Rocket Languages to anyone who is interested in picking up another language!