David Kreutzer

Rocket German Cape Coral, Florida , United States

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I'm just finishing the Rocket German Premium (Level 1) course and have found it to be tremendously helpful, and the most motivating foreign language course I've taken.
The most powerful thing about the Rocket German Interactive Audio Courses is that the course focuses on a conversation based narrative and sentences rather than focusing on memorizing words and grammar rules. After three years of High School German, when I went to Germany I found i was unable to construct or even understand sentences in real time and felt hopelessly stupid. Maybe it is also a critical mass of all the previous study, I've been doing over the last eight months but in the past 26 days of Level 1 Premium sentence work, I seem to have learned enough about the structure of simple sentences that I can understand them and even put together all the conjugations and declensions, dative, and accusative case endings in real time which seems to be producing a positive feedback loop to create a lot of motivation. So I've been able to study at a fairly intensive rate. For example I've eared 82,17 points and nearly finished level 1 in the last 25 days. I really love learning languages and any week where I can put in several hours a day has an amazing tonic effect on my mind and thinking making me feel extra sharp, focused, and energetic. Last November on a Black Friday sale I purchased an Amazon Fire portable Bluetooth speaker system so I can pick up global internet radio. I tune into RBB 87.7 from Wittstock near Berlin, and just keep it on in the background as much as I can where ever I go. At first the words went by so fast it was just a wall of unintelligible sound that I could only occasionally understand a few cognates. I couldn't even recognize most of the sounds as distinct words - I perceived most of it as a blur of sounds. Now after eight months of background listening, and this last 26 days of intensive study of the Rocket German Level 1 course, I can hear and understand enough words to get the gist of most stories. This is highly motivating for me and a lot of fun as well - like doing puzzles. Also, through the intense written drills I can now now write down the ones I do not understand to look up. What a magical feeling. Also, customer service as been very quick in fixing the few problems I was having with the testing units. Thanks a lot and I look forward to moving soon into the Level 2 course.