Brian Manich

Rocket Italian Munich , Germany

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After trying different language suites, text books and audio programs, I must admit that I could have saved a lot by starting out with rocket. The different features such as writing exercises and quizzes are something the program has over other systems.
I do find the goading unnecessary, however, whereby I'm referring to the pricing politics during the free trial. For 6 days they flashed me pop-ups, that I could save half the price of the $400 package. Then, right after I finally purchased the suite, I see yet another limited offer, which would have saved me an additional $30. That makes me question the integrity of the service, although I haven't regretted my purchase to date. Why flash the $400 price tag, like you are bartering at a Turkish bazaar? The American accent spoken by Alex reminds me of fingernails and a chalk-board. But the Itialian speakers dominate the course. I feel confident reccommending Rocket Italian to others seeking to achieve conversational proficiency.