Angela Valladares

Rocket Russian Austin/TX , United States

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I was both very pleased and surprised with Rocket Languages. Never has learning a language felt so effortless. The combination of many different learning styles is very helpful, and really helps immerse yourself in the language and experience. The voice recognition algorithm is a great learning tool, and really makes me feel like I am being taught by an instructor. This fully interactive learning experience is great for teaching the language, and keeping your recall and memory of what you’ve learn sharp. I would highly recommend to friends and family over competition companies like Rosetta Stone. Each Unit is a very personalized and useful audio lesson, where you take part in the experience from start to finish. Then you are not only told vocabulary but encourage to rehearse it verbally and in writing. The various drills used to check for proper spelling and enunciation was a huge help to me while learning Russian. I’ve already improved my Russian understanding and verbal abilities by 20% of what they used to be when using free platforms found online. It just isn’t that same or as instructive as the service offered by Rocket Languages. The community here with Rocket Languages is great also. Access to the learning tools also grants you permissions to enter their community forums. This is extremely helpful for practicing the language with novice and intermediate speakers alike, helping you master the written formatting and grammar way better than a solo attempt using other online mediums.