Kelly Jaramillo

Rocket Spanish Pittsburgh , United States

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I have been working with the free trial for over a month, and even using it every day, there was a lot of free material given to really get a "feel" for the course. I have fallen in love with it, and just purchased the Premium Package today. For me, speaking and understanding are my weakest points, and in my opinion, this is where Rocket Language outshines every other program. Those "live" role-playing exercises are intense, and really give me a rush when I can successfully get through even the level one part of the conversation.
My only issue is having to use Chrome, I was on Chrome when I tried to purchase the package, and it kept screwing up my information, I finally had to go over to Safari and purchase it there, then go through switching the program to Chrome - it was irritating. However, that is a minor complaint concerning the purchase and log-in process and has nothing to do with the amazing content Rocket has to offer. Also, I have to add, while I was having hassles with the login, I called customer support and they are absolutely amazing! No robots, I got to a real person right away who fixed the issue immediately, was nice and funny and very friendly. Also, I have used almost every program out there (Pimsleur, Fluencia, Rosetta Stone, etc.) so I feel I have a pretty good knowledge of what the other programs have to offer, and while they were fine for a while, they just did not have enough going on to keep me interested. The fact that just the trial for Rocket kept me interested and motivated and working for hours every day for a month tells me that I am not going to get bored with Rocket Spanish, and this excites me. I notice a definite improvement in my speaking skills over the month with the trial, I cannot wait to spend months, years, with Rocket......I have a feeling I have found what I need to keep me motivated and get me where I want to go. Thank you Rocket Spanish Team! You are awesome.