Angel M

Rocket Japanese Holden, MA , United States

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This website is quite the learning site! It has very good other reviews, others including what I will say further on. But all of the experience I had over the first couple of days is shown here. I will probably not use this website for long periods of time because of the money included, but it is a good experience if you are new to the language, and had surprising features, such as the kanji and romaji, and previously I had gone on other websites which lacked those features.
I really am enjoying this website and it's features, which also include many known phrases and accurate translations, unlike other websites. This website is easy to use, and you can include vocabulary in the my vocab section. I really enjoy using this, because it is an easy way to study japanese and any other language. Although I do not want to use money, I will use this trial for as long as possible, cost-free. Overall I would give this website 4/5 stars, the 1 star missing would be full free japanese training, although I'm certain after research that it might not exist. But, even after that, the quality of this website is high, and the website is very intimidating to other ones. Rocket Languages is a very good starting website to learn languages on, and others should give it a try!