Steven Guerrero

Rocket Chinese Salt Lake City, UT , United States

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I have studying Mandarin Chinese for about four months. I started with another "highly rated" and very expensive program by a competitor. After two months I could only say hello and goodbye and a lot of phrases which I wasn't sure of their exact meaning and none of them related to any topics I wished to practice at the local Chinese restaurant (you have to look at pictures and decide what is being depicted. No English translations are anywhere in the program). Then I purchased Rocket Chinese and within two weeks, I could actually speak some meaningful Chinese...and know what I was do the Chinese that I practice with. Rocket Chinese tells you the words, pronounces them correctly for you, slows them down and then adds them to sentences, and speaks them in a dialog with another native Chinese speaker. It also shows you the written characters and the Pinyin language as you go. If you want to learn this difficult language, Rocket Chinese is my recommendation. It doesn't cost you an arm and a leg and you will be speaking basic Chinese almost immediately!!