Jonathan Lockwood

Rocket Spanish San Miguel de Allende, GTO , Mexico

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I've lived as a US expat in Mexico for more than 2 years, and until now my Spanish has been poor.
1) As a big expat town, it's easy to speak English here and this can slow progress. Ex: (I get in a taxi. Me--"Hola, Señor. Sabes donde esta..." He--"Where you want to go?" (sigh)) 2) My first teacher was a 70 year old Mexican woman. Great gal, and I really liked her program. But, by her own admission, some of the later installments were prepared when she'd smoked a bit too much mota. :-/ 3) My second teacher was a young Mexican man over iTalki. Very patient, and a great teacher, but his program essentially involved him giving very interesting lectures over Skype and waiting while I wrote nearly everything down. There were no practice materials to go along with it. Nice guy, great teacher--but it's not just that I wasn't learning to speak the language; it was more that I couldn't understand how I EVER would with no drills and practice based upon his lectures. :-/ 4) So now I've found Rocket Spanish. After the above experience--and Pimsleur (which I like but consider limited)-- I'm convinced this is precisely the program for me. I get all the practice I want, and the gamification employed has gotten me addicted. After a bit more than a week I'm already speaking more Spanish, feeling more comfortable with it--and am delighted to have a program that makes sense to me. I will be recommending it to all of my friends, and writing a more in-depth review on my own site in the future. Muchas Gracias, Rocket Languages!