Jan Davey

Rocket Spanish United Kingdom

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I have always considered myself rubbish at languages. Always had difficulty remembering sentence structure, verbs etc. Now having just retired I decided to give it one more go. I tried several free taster sessions from other well known language sites, but nothing left me with as much enthusiasm to proceed as Rocket Spanish. The lessons are fun to participate in. There are many different aspects to the course, including culture & travel assistance, a survival kit (all those little essentials that you may think you will never need, but always do) and lots of hints and tips to make remembering easier. I love the interactive flash cards. I am a complete beginner, to the course but am finding it easy to understand if not always easy to pronounce. I know that I can return to the problem words and phrases again in my own time. It is by far the best course I have found, placing the conversations into everyday situations and I look forward to my lessons.