Kelly Jaramillo

Rocket Spanish Pittsburgh , United States

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I just purchased Rocket Spanish Travelogue, and even though I still consider myself in the high beginner stage, I find it incredibly helpful as it is very advanced, and it has given me a little 'trick' to help me study more with less frustration.
I start my Rocket study time spending 15 minutes or more working on the Travelogue series first, attacking the sentences bit by bit, listening and recording them several times, toggling the recording difficulty level until I am satisfied that I can say even ONE of the advanced sentences all the way through. Then I go back to my regular studies in Rocket Spanish, at the level where I actually belong, and I feel like I am picking up the material much faster and with more ease. The advanced level of Travelogue is hard, but the story is fun and keeps me engaged, so I want to keep working at it. Then my regular level feels like a reward for getting through a few sentences. This approach may not be for everyone, but I am jazzed at how much it is pushing me along, and I am so glad I purchased it. Thank you Rocket Team for this awesome addition!