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I am probably an low intermediate and have completed the second level of Spanish and started the third but found it quite a bit harder without a lot of explanations for the grammar or expressions used.
I stopped working on it for now, and have started the Spanish Travelogue instead. . Again it is harder than I hoped with very rapid Spanish and verb tenses I have not yet learned. I would have liked a little more explanations - For example, I appreciated getting a quick response to my question as to why the verb haber was not conjugated in a sentence. " 'Haber' is not conjugated as it is acting as a modal auxiliary; and when it is followed by a past participle (olvidado) it forms the compound infinitives in the conjugation. It's a compound tense, just like in English. " But it is still way past my current understanding. I will carry on as I am finding it interesting but I am not sure I am quite ready for this.