Bronte Lai

Rocket Chinese Canada

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I was impulsive when I bought Rocket Chinese but I definitely do not regret it because my Mandarin has improved so much in these few months where I can strike up some everyday conversations with my family. But I must disclose that though I have improved a lot these few months, it is not solely due to this program. I can speak Cantonese fluently so I can easily understand the Chinese grammar as I have been exposed to it and I can get immediate feedback from my mom whom speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin. I like how I can teach myself at my own pace without needing to travel to a class to learn. I like the overall format of listening and the ability to speak and have it rated based on how well I do. There are some technical issues that can be fixed but the experience is certainly very enjoyable and it is very fun! The only downside is there is no one that can immediately fix your pronunciation because as mentioned, the rated recordings of our voice does have faults as it may not pick it up when you pronounce a word correctly or incorrectly. This program does help tremendously in terms of improving my vocabulary and help to build my own sentences. This program really got the ball rolling for me and hopefully in the near future I can converse fully in Mandarin.