Elizabeth Johnson

Rocket French Ottawa , Canada

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I've been trying to learn French off and on for many years, but have always struggled with conversation. Having gone through the first few lessons in the trial version, I feel like my spoken French has improved more than it did in any of the classes I took. I would feel comfortable having a simple conversation with someone in real life after this short time. Seeing that kind of progress is motivating! The testing modules following each of the lessons do a really good job of helping you internalize the language that was taught in the lesson. The voice recognition software can sometimes be a bit slow or finicky, which may be partially due to my computer. I've had the best luck using the recently updated iPhone app. I would definitely recommend the French product. It is much less expensive than I would pay for classes that cover the same amount of material, and I believe I will actually be more proficient with Rocket French.
One note: I haven't had any contact with the company, so I cannot comment on the customer service, but don't want to give them a bad rating. One the I noticed was that the issues that I experienced initially with the iPhone app were resolved the next time I logged in. The company seems to be working hard to give customers a good product.