Jack Morocco

Rocket Italian Richmond, California , United States

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I am just in the early Italian lessons but already I have a feel for the language. The ROCKET style is both immersive and explanatory. The lessons are based on real conversations and then verbs and grammar are expanded. The added cultural references are fantastic!
I think the strongest feature of the curriculum lies with the ability to record your own voice and compare it to the lesson speaker. I am able to speak and listen over and over, hearing every little inflection until I get it right. At the introduction to each lesson, it sounds difficult. At the end of each lesson it seems so easy. The review before each new lesson reinforces the previous lesson. As an instructor myself, I appreciate the careful lesson plan that engages vocalization, comprehension, vocabulary expansions, and written words. But unlike dry textbook style, the lesson is really just a typical conversation, so you feel able to jump right into a situation and understand. I have wanted to speak Italian my whole life so I can travel to Italy and now I am so exited that this is now within my reach.