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Gabriella Villanyi

Gabriella Villanyi

Rocket Italian — Hungary

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I have started to learn Italian with Rocket Languages less than 2 weeks ago. I spend quite some time every day - and I can say that my progress is just fantastic. My goal is to have an awareness in basic situations within 2 months - and I am now sure I will come to it. I want to surprise my Italian friends and colleagues next time we meet - as they don't think I speak any Italian. Good idea - isn't it? And by the way just last week I have been refused to get a job - because Italian was needed. Never again I want to be in the same situation - it cannot be a point to be refused.
Italian is my third foreign language - and the Rocket Languages methodology is so efficient I could never think of. I encourage everybody thinking of picking up a new language - don't hesitate, go for Rocket Languages and for sure you won't be disappointed.