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Rocket Italian is a great primary tool to use in learning Italian. The interactive audio lessons are engaging and they do a very good job of getting you to speak and write in Italian. The language and culture lessons offer a more in-depth opportunity to delve into the grammar and other technical issues of learning a language.
Sometimes you see something in one of the lessons that isn't explained as thoroughly as it could be (it is hard to cover EVERYTHING without being overwhelming). A place where Rocket Italian really shines is the forum. For most web sites, the Q&A forum is a black hole where questions go to disappear. For Rocket Italian, it is truly a valuable resource for filling in the blanks - led by terrific tutor Lucia! As a point of comparison, a few years ago, I tried the "big name" in language learning. It was terribly disappointing. I spent 3x on "big name" compared to Rocket Italian, and it was not 1/10th as good. When I decided to re-commit to learning Italian, I did a lot of research and demo'd a few other offerings. Rocket Italian is by far the most comprehensive and fun to use. Highly recommend to anyone who has decided to get serious about learning a new language.