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Nate C

Nate C

Rocket German — Canada

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I lived in Germany for a many years well and really didn't put my best foot forward into learning the language and then I had to go to the school and learn it. It was rather difficult because there were many different cultures in the class. Asking the teacher a question became impossible with so many people asking questions in they're native tongue can be overwhelming. I became discouraged and didn't put more into learning.
My job didn't require me to speak Deutsche so why bother, but then I needed it for every day life in order to go shopping going on the transit and so forth. I made another attempt and some of it stuck.

Present day... I'm looking to move back to Deutschland in the near future and I wanted to do allot better...
This time round I wanted to know more than what I had.

I started searching the web for learning schools but that was too pricey and the times were conducive to my job.
So the search went on and I wasn't getting no where.
I went on youtube and did my search and there advert sent me to Rosetta Stone...
The first thing I do is read the reviews and if I don't get a good vibe I move on...
Glad that I did...
I then went to another channel on youtube and found Rocket Languages and I tell you I was happy...
My search ended and I started doing the lessons and practicing...
I started from scratch like I never knew the language which I would recommend to everyone is to start from the beginning,

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