Jerry Chaffee

Rocket Spanish san antonio, texas , United States

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This is without a doubt the best language learning course I have ever taken. I have taken college classes and I have tried the well known courses that are always advertised, but they are more expensive and teach many things that will probably never be used. Rocket Spanish is well worth the cost and the dialogues are interesting and cultural. I am progressing well and I have learned so much so far. I look forward to each and every lesson. Going back and reviewing previous lessons as a refresher from time to time really helps to reenforce my learning experience. Having dialogues is so much more helpful than sitting in front of a textbook memorizing grammar and vocabulary. Rocket Spanish puts you in real world situations making the learning much more engaging and interesting. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about learning a new language. You will NOT be disappointed if you put in the effort. Thank you Rocket Spanish!