Mark Clark

Rocket French Newport News, Virginia , United States

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Rocket French is the best of the many French language teaching programs I have had experience with. I had a minimum amount of French training in high school and college just to meet the language requirement for my chosen field. Language learning at the time consisted of textbook, classroom and language laboratory exercises. For me this was torture as it took away from the time I could devote to the science and mathematics I needed to concentrate on to pursue a career in medicine. I am now retired but I have been involved with teaching students in other fields of education. Three years ago I decided to learn French. As I see it, the availability of computerized language programs of different varieties with voice recognition software has been a tremendous advance in language learning. I began with Rosetta Stone and enjoyed the experience and found it to be very helpful and I am happy that I had that experience. I also spent three weeks in France at an immersion school. I subscribe to Yabla which for a conscientious person can simulate an immersion experience in France. I enrolled in News in Slow French and look forward to their weekly output. Of course I also bought a book on French grammar and studied that. I bought Rocket French 2 years ago but until 1 month ago I only listened to the downloaded interactive audio sessions. I was conscientious about this but I now realize what I was missing! Rocket French is an excellent program! It is quite comprehensive when used as intended and could serve as the primary program for the teaching of French. The voice recognition software is top-notch. The organization of the program has been well thought out. The My Notes, Flashcards, and My Vocabulary sections really enhance the learning process and I would strongly recommend that they be used. The tests associated with point and leaderboard position tracking are strong motivators and reinforcers. I now go to bed at night wondering what my position will be the next day.