Marcel Emond

Rocket Italian Canada

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1) Great Customer Service: after completing my first lesson, the sound stop! No more sound. It was not my computer because I had sound on everything else than Rocket Italian. I tried the chat and a very nice lady (Marie) helped me. She found the problem very quickly. In no time, I was back to my lessons.
2) Very effective method to learn a foreign language (at least for me!) I love the progression. 3) I find it very useful being able to record my phrase and listen to it after: it helps me improve my accent. 4) Only negative point so far: tooooooooo much English speaking by the guy at the beginning of every lesson. More Italian please! 5) It would help having many different persons talking Italian instead of only two persons. This would be more representative of the real life. Bottom line: I think that I will be able to learn Italian with Rocket Italian. Would I recommend it to a friend? Mmmm Yes, but with a little hesitation because of the very small sample of Italian voices.