John Dee Cabantac

Rocket Japanese Quezon City , Philippines

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I've been using Rocket Languages for three days now. So far, I've been satisfied. My concern with self-studying was that I didn't have any conversation partner. I wanted to have a conversation partner online but I didn't think that we can have meaningful conversation since I'm only a beginner. However, the interactive audio course helped me out. I can practice a conversation while correcting my pronunciation and accent just based on what I've been studying. Other than the interactive audio course, I'm also pleased with the comprehensiveness of the whole program, from Premium Level 1 to Platinum Level 3. I've browsed and asked customer service about it; I can reach C1 with the whole program. Since my goal was to use Japanese in business, this was a really nice. Looking at the course material from Premium 1 to Platinum Level 3 and based on my 3-day experience, I can definitely reach N3 or maybe even N2/N1 with the program.