N.S. Palmer

Rocket Chinese United States

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In high school I took Japanese, in college Russian and Chinese, but that was a long time ago. I needed a refresher. I tried other companies' courses, but especially for Mandarin, Rocket is by far the best. Its competitors either go too fast, go too slow, or are simply inadequate. Rocket courses have just the right balance between depth and ease of learning. They also provide plenty of extra learning tools that I'm still exploring, such as flash cards.
After buying the Mandarin course and working with it for a couple of days, I was so impressed that I bought both the Japanese and Russian courses to do after my Mandarin review. I gave four instead of five stars to "buy again" only because Rocket doesn't currently offer anything else I need. If the company added levels to Russian and Chinese, or offered a Modern Hebrew course, I'd buy those.