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For the most part, I do like the course. It is an easy and enjoyable way to learn. I am taking the Italian course.
My only MINOR COMPLAINT SO FAR is the specificity of some of the lessons. In Module 3 of the Premium Basic Course, the first 2 lessons are waaaay too narrowly focused. The first concerns a trip to Mount Vesuvius with conversation about walking around the volcano's crater and how cold it will be on the summit(!) - a dialogue I really can't imagine most ordinary travelers having much need for, and the second deals with a certain Italian liquor called Limoncello. I skipped the bulk of the conversation portion of those lessons, except for a phrase or two. The extra vocabulary sections also had some benefit. Now I understand that sprinkling a little culture, geography, and traditional customs is an attempt to broaden the course's appeal, but I'd personally find the lessons much more useful if they conveyed more common everyday requests and conversations. For example: asking where to buy a newspaper, rent/park a car, ordering a beer/glass of wine/soda and leaving a tip, chatting about the weather or someone's family, or complimenting/discussing another's clothes, jewelry, home, etc. Perhaps that's just me, though. However, up until those 2 lessons, I felt what I was learning had broader adaptability and usefulness.