Michael Smith

Rocket Spanish Watsonville, CA , United States

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I recently became frustrated with the slow pace of another online Spanish language program and started poking around the I'net for reviews and commentary. Rocket Spanish really stood out from the crowd. I signed on for a trial run and Immediately "took off". In place of beautiful graphics and endless repetition of very limited vocabulary, with little grammatical assistance, I found intensive drills and dialogs with careful explanation of Spanish's many puzzling (for English users) distinctions in usage.
I especially appreciate the chance to keep hammering away at a troublesome phrase in "Hear It/Say It" and "Know It" until I can duplicate the speaker's pronunciation, although there are a few odd words, like "Ah" and Mauricio's last name (Evlampieff) that never seem to get interpreted quite right. Subtle little touches, like the running point totals, help provide a more or less continuous push to keep working at it. I am more than pleased with my progress thus far and hope to follow the course through to its concluseion. MNS