Mike Bushnell

Rocket Italian Reading , United Kingdom

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Having got to the end of my tree in Duolingo, I was looking for something more structured that could take me to the next level. Stumbled across Rocket Languages on the internet and decided to take a chance on the free trial to see what it was like.
Overall impressions so far are very good - the course is much more in depth, and uses real people to deliver the lessons and caters for different learning styles. The points/badges system is useful for keeping up motivation, the the weekly "Rocket Fuel" emails are tailored to here you are in the course. While more expensive than Duo (i.e. not free!), I have so far found it to be very helpful - and have jumped in to the paid for version with both feet. Despite having a fairly good knowledge of some words though Duo, I have found that even in Module 1 of Rocket I am learning things that I simply haven't covered previously. For me, the existence of an iOS app is also a key selling point, as I am rarely in front of a computer with a microphone (which is critically important if you want your attempts at speaking rated). This also lets you get in a bit of studying whenever and wherever you want. I do think that the app still needs a little more attention, but is good enough for now and I have been impressed with some fairly rapid responses from the support team. In summary - I personally would recommend Rocket Languages, and I hope to stick with it for a long time to come!