Gregory Butler

Rocket Italian New York , United States

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I wanted to learn how to speak Italian because I was tired of listening to my wife and her family and not knowing exactly what they were saying. Of course they would always tell me what they had said but I always wanted to experience it first hand. I first ordered rosetta stone Italian but I wasn't pleased with their teaching method and returned immediately. I went on You tube to find reviews on a good italian program and came across a review for rocket Italian. The person who gave the review took into account a few courses but praised the rocket program over all of the ones mentioned. I then decided to order on the spot. I have not had the program for a week and have impressed my wife on how well I can read the conversation transcripts. I decided to read (in Italiano) to my father-in-law, who grew up in Italy, and he was extremely impressed with my pronounciation. THIS IS ONLY AFTER ONE WEEK!!! I try to practice every day and have my wife speak to me in italian to keep me sharp. I want to thank Rocket Languages for this opportunity to learn and reach my goal that I have set for myself. Thanks, I will keep you posted on my journey through the course.