Ramy Mahdy

Rocket German windhoek , Namibia

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I love learning new languages! I can speak conversational German and, to a lesser extent, Croatian. Recently I was inspired to learn Spanish by a friend and so I spent hours and hours poring over reviews of the various online language learning options. There were so many options out there but nothing really felt like it was "the one" until I came across Rocket Spanish! Now, some people are happy with simply learning how to speak a language by only learning phrases but I'm one of those who really need to understand the grammar behind the phrases and sentences. So, when I came across Rocket Spanish, I was extremely excited to see that, not only will I get to learn to speak the language like a native speaker and in a way that suits my learning style (Visual) but also that the course is packed with quality lessons in grammar. What really impresses me about Rocket Spanish is the emphasis on repeating words or phrases out loud (not just in my head). This is such an important factor in accelerating one's fluency in a non-native language. After all, if you want to speak a new language, then you really do need to speak it out loud! I only wish that I had come across Rocket when I learned German and Croatian! It would most certainly have saved me countless hours and dollars wasted on ineffective methods.