Norma Koleta

Rocket Spanish United States

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I love the Spanish Program because I already speak and understand the Language-so it is a lot of fun and good practice for me!
I would like to hear a bit more of the Castillian dialect in the program so I can become more proficient and visit Spain. As for the Arabic (I signed up for both) I believe that this language is quite a challenge only because I have not had the time to really apply myself and quite frankly will have to begin all over again I am so far behind. I hope to have the time to begin again and Amira always sends her emails and I appreciate them very much- In all honesty, one would really have to have a private tutor to truly become fluent and this would take a lot of time re: Arabic I love languages and I appreciate your courses so much-They are the creme de la creme of them all!! Muchas Gracias! G