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Rocket Italian Malta

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I studied Spanish and Portuguese up to B2 level many years ago and I have school French so Romance languages are not new to me nor is language learning as an adult.
I started with this course as a beginner in Italian 6 months ago. I am now completing the final Platinum stage of the course. I reckon that I am now at level B1 or lower B2 in the Common European Framework language classification. What I like about Rocket Italian: The interactive pronunciation check using the Chrome browser; practical and useful conversation topics from the start; variety of practise in each exercise, repetition, writing, translation English to Italian and repetition of the dialogue. The point scoring system which helps maintain motivation What I do not like: Lack of attention to detail in course material particularly towards the end of each level with mistranslations, and other mistakes. When you point out the mistakes in the feedback they are corrected but it is as if they rely on their students to proof read the course. Too much English spoken in the more advanced lessons. Odd choice of what grammar points to explain. (In some lessons simple and obvious points were explained while more complex grammar items were not.) An online course is not the whole solution to learning a language. In addition you need to read graded texts, listen to a variety of audo, and practise conversation with a native speaker. However Rocket Italian is a good basis for a serious and committed study of the language.