Lindsey Zwiers

Rocket Japanese United States

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After taking a few Japanese courses in college, I ended up moving and having no access to formal instruction. While I was able to learn a few words here and there through various internet sources, most free resources give only very basic information about grammar and writing. I purchased a few textbooks which helped explain some basic grammar and writing, but there was no way to effectively test what I had learned. I was able to read and write a bit better, but I had next to no experience speaking the language since nobody around me also spoke it. So I finally started looking up instructional courses and stumbled upon Rocket Japanese.
As a full-time college student, it is a bit pricey, but nowhere near as bad as some other courses, and it's definitely not as expensive as a college course. It also covers more ground than my previous college courses did! As of now, I've finished the first module and gotten started on the second. I have a few criticisms, but they're mostly related to organization and romanization. The content itself is great, though the audio lessons start off with exaggerated pronunciation for people who have never heard or spoken the language before. It appears to lessen as you progress. The ability to practice speech with recording and playing back your voice to compare it to the native speakers is invaluable. Practice with speaking and listening is not so easily done with self-study. I haven't needed to contact customer service so I can't rate it, but I don't want to dock points for something I haven't experienced yet! I'd definitely recommend this to someone just starting out or who is still a beginner and has hit a plateau with self-study.