James Carman

Rocket Japanese Florida , United States

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I have used many resources to learn Japanese. I use Rocket Japanese to test what I learned, and learn topic specific language. Even just using it in that limited capacity it has been tremendously helpful. I spent almost 6 months in Japan during 2016. The things I learned here were invaluable for navigating restaurants, convenience stores, and many other activities.
When I bought this package I was looking for something like the Spanish101, Chinese101, etc series. I wanted something I could listen to while I ran or commuted places. The main reason I picked this was that it isn't a subscription service. I bought it and I was done. After buying it I realized it was more interactive and engaging than my previous experiences with podcasts. Besides the engaging, and silly Japanese hosts, the activities to verify I am learning became a big help. I also loved that I could skip around to any lesson I felt I needed to work on. I have had this product long enough to see 2 new versions released and each time, the upgrades have made the product more usable, and helped me come back and work on my Japanese some more. There are a few places they could improve. I know there is a lot more to learn. It would be great to see more levels, allowing people to advance further. Another improvement would be for them to speed up their conversations more. I feel that by the end of the third level they should be speaking at native or near native speed.