Anne Hill

Rocket French WA , Australia

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I'm very glad I found Rocket French. Paul and Claire are great presenters who work well as a team. Paul's touches of humour and teasing keep the mood light so it hardly feels that you are working. I enjoy the little snippets of background information he drops in which help me to remember.
I have been playing the audio lessons in the car when commuting, and I am now trying to spend more time with the interactive tools. It is very useful to be able to hear Claire pronouncing individual words and phrases (repeated as many times as I want), and to see the words written down. My only criticism is the voice recognition software, which is frustrating and unreliable. I now ignore what seem to be totally arbitrary "scores" and just compare the recording of my attempts against Claire's original examples. I have found the Rocket system to be a great way to learn the language. I am now well ahead of the "traditional" French language course which I enrolled in at the same time, and which has a more academic focus. Rocket French equips you to deal with real situations, which for most people, is what you really need if you're planning on a holiday rather than an exam.