Ross H

Rocket Chinese Auckland , New Zealand

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The record with voice recognition grading really helps to get your pronunciation right, and the playback of your voice really helps you find out why you did get the grade you expected. These tools give a strong incentive to practice speaking, and have helped me to progress faster. The downside is that these tools are only practically useful on PC and not useful on Android because of speed and different limited web page. (I cannot speak for Apple versions).
I would give the course 5 stars if all features were available on all platforms. On android viewing the website, speech recognition is so much slower to respond, and much less accurate, so the time delays become frustrating - it is very dependent on internet and wireless speed. The key thing android misses is it that it has no ability to play back what you said (so that you can hear and correct your own mistakes). From the forum comments this appears to have been missing for 2 years or more, and I think Rocket Languages should make playback of your own voice a priority fix for android users. The effect is to limit my learning to practice on PC which is not what I planned or expected as there is nothing visible on the main web site to indicate that playback of your own voice does not work on android. The (android) rocket languages app suffers from the same limitations, and does not work at all when offline. Therefore so it is not really an independent app but merely a different way of accessing a web site. This also limits where you can use it, as you often to not have internet access when travelling. It really should have a way of caching selected lessons (with the web page data),and the so that users can practice offline, - then I would call it a useful app. So in summary, Rocket Languages is a great course if you are on PC, it has great features to help you practice writing too, but still needs to make all voice functions available on all platforms to make it really good.