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Hi, I am a composer and I am 61 years old. That means on one side that I know a lot about memorizing music, that has - like language - also rhythm and sound. On the other hand my brain is not so young like a 20 years old person. That means, that I am happy for any help for memorizing the vocabulary, sentences, sounds, rhythms of the language I am learning. In my case that is KOREAN, very difficult to learn for a western educated person like me.
Overall I am very satisfied with RocketKorean! Thank you very much! I tried out many competitor's software on the net, but finally I decided for RocketKorean as the best I could find. But, because I tried out many other software, and because I am a professional musician, I have some suggestions to enhance RocketKorean. But first I appologize for naming an other product: Pimsleur Pimsleur has bad speakers in their Korean course, also for German the male voice has an Berlin-accent etc. Pimsleur also is very poor on writing skills and on Korean culture. But one thing is more sophisticated and elaborated: the half hour daily lecture with a rhythm of repetition that was constructed by the brain scientist Pimsleur. Also speaking words by syllables backward. That is like professional musicians are practicing their scores. Especially for old brains like mine that is very helpful. With the Pimsleur cours I remember next day 95%. With RocketKorean (sorry) only ca. 50%. The Pimsleur backward-method helps to pronounce every syllable equal, what is necessary for Korean, because German and English people always do not take care of the last syllable of a word, like German "gehen" is correctly pronounced as "gehn". English "going" is pronounced "goin". You cannot do that in Korean. My suggestion for RocketKorean: Leave everything like it is, but add a second 30 minutes course per lecture that follows the results of brain sciences, like Pimsleur does. Please do not missunderstand my critic: all in all RocketKorean is the best, has the best speakers, in Korean especially the male voice Taeoo (the female sounds sometimes a bit "girlish", but it is ok, because mostly the male voice is speaking during the exercises). Second suggestion: I would be very happy, if you could add in Korean an Intermediate and Advanced course. I know, that that might be a question of money, becaus maybe not enough people are coming up to that level. But I suggested your software to my colleagues at Korean school. It was a subject of discussion, that this course exists only for Level 1. I hope that you are not angry, because of my critics. I am just telling you because I like RocketKorean very much. Yesterday I reached the leaderboard position no 1 (all languages) with more than 5000 points that day and 6 hours 30 minutes practice time :-) Best regards! Cord