Michelle Dempsey

Rocket Chinese Ireland

How satisfied are you with Rocket?
How likely are you to buy again?
Are you happy with the price?
Would you recommend it to a friend?
How was the customer service?
Rocket languages seems quite good.
However I like to see as well as hear. Feedback on my accent would always be a must. Try out the freebie and see if that's the way that best suits how you learn. The next bit in the questionnaire asks how satisified I am with the following 5 points (good experience, buy again, price, recommend to friend and customer services) I have not been able to edit the number of stars I give. These are my answers to the 5 points - none get 5 stars.. I have only tried out the freebie part - it's not really the way I like to learn Satisfaction (not the way I like to learn and I can see how others would love it) Buy again (I never bought) Price (I never bought) Recommend to a friend (I would recommend they try the freebie and see how they liked it) Customer service (I have not had any dealings with CS) Wonder if this will appear on Rocket's site??? Moderators note: Hi Michelle, please note that all reviews are moderated for inappropriate language then they are put live verbatim. Also, the stars can be changed by clicking on them before submitting a review.