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Honestly, I really enjoy the interactive component of the course. It not only allows you to engage with the language and therefore better understand it, but most importantly, it gets you ready for the conversational aspect of any language. Furthermore, I particularly appreciated the audio lessons which explain the pronunciations, their rationales, and their connection to their english equivalents. Finally, the written exercises are particularly helpful to get one's written and not simply oral skills up to par.
The one deterrent I have from the program is it's cost. Being a student, I don't have a particularly high budget and with competing programs such as Duolingo, it might be hard to justify the purchase. That being said, the trial thus far has given me a taste of the real package that is Rocket Languages. It truly is comprehensive and well developed. I truly hope that completing the entire program does make one somewhat proficient in the language as it is quite an expense. A final note has to be the aesthetics, design and appearance of the website. The site is polished, clean and well organized. It breads for a simple and user friendly experience. Very appealing and enticing to any user.