Mengsha Chen

Rocket Korean United States

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I've enjoyed learning Spanish with Rocket Languages, but delving into Korean proved to be unexpected challenging. Any Korean teaching material that starts from the beginner level should include lessons on Hangul, but that's lacking in Rocket Language Korean. Fine, I taught myself Hangul using other sources. Not being familiar with Asian languages in general, Korean was much harder for me to pronounce and speak quickly. The speaking exercises are way too demanding in terms of accuracy of pronunciation and the speed at which you have to respond and often my responses get truncated halfway because I'm trying to remember the exact wording. From the very first introductory lesson, there are a lot of more complicated phrases and vocab that get thrown in which are tested, and almost impossible for a beginner to get right. It's been a frustrating experience all around. I guess I'll stick to Romance languages, and use other materials to learn Korean.