Charles Massingham

Rocket Spanish London , United Kingdom

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I have bought all three stages of rocket Spanish and it´s amazing. It´s so easy to follow, i am definitely learning a lot. One thing i love about American companies like rocket languages is that they really know how to teach: it's idiot proof which i consider a strength and not patronizing at all. One of the problems i faced with language learning is the speaking aspect and rocket languages covers this so well, a lot more than Rosetta Stone that is more expensive and in my opinion not worth it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone; value for money and a lot of content for you to go over AND there is no expiry date. It's so nice to have this account forever and not on some sort of time share. I think that makes this a million times better than Rosetta Stone as i don't feel pressured to learn and can learn at my own pace, which is still fast but without the time pressure. I actually believe i can reach fluency with Rocket's help and now i'm more determined than ever. I am also thinking of learning Chinese and i'm so happy Rocket has a chinese version too. I have aspirations to be a translator and i definitely would recommend Rocket to anyone so is thinking on the same lines. Clarity over complexity: this is the Rocket experience. 100/100