Eric Miller

Rocket Italian Melbourne , Australia

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Took the plunge and bought the complete package after a couple of days of trying the free course. The price is good when you put it against classes, though the classes do help with one on one conversation. Before I started the courseI had some very, and I mean very, basic Italian and struggled with general conversation now, even after less than a month I feel my usage has improved. I have used Duolingo, and still do, it was useful for me and helped me when I moved to Rocket Italian. I am thoroughly enjoying the Rocket Italian Course - finished two modules and looking forward to much more. There are some minor quirks with the technology but nothing to throw me off the course. Sometimes after doing the test the completed doesn't activate and I need to exit to lessons then resume test again and do the one item that the system thinks I haven't done. I use it across three platforms, Android Phone, IPad and Windows 10 laptop, which is great as I have access wherever I am and what I have done seems to sync well across the platforms. The interface works well and I find it very easy to use and navigate. The course Material itself is good and even after using duolingo and also some other programs I find I am learning constantly with this course. The badges are great little motivators, though I do think they come a little easy. I definitely recommend the program.