Cynthia North

Rocket German Chandler, az , United States

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I read several language course reviews before choosing the Rocket program to learn to speak German. I made the right choice! I have used the Paul Noble cd's in the past and loved them as an intro to German, but they were not enough. I also tried the Pimsleur method for a couple of lessons, but I really did not like it. Too repetitive and boring. But this Rocket program is a great blend of the conversational explanations I liked about the Paul Noble cds, the ability to listen in my car to the audio conversations, and that added element of using my laptop to learn the grammar and writing that I really need to round out my skills. I love to be able to hear the sounds, practice speaking, and then see the correct spelling of the words. Seeing the spelling really helps me correct my pronunciation and start seeing patterns in the language. I consider myself a visual learner, so seeing the written word is within my comfort zone of learning style. However, I really need to be able to train my ear and practice all the new sounds that come with a new language. This program offers a great mix of teaching and evaluation methods. The ability to record myself saying the phrase and to get the immediate 'grade' from the software puts this program ahead of the pack. I also really like the ability to complete a lesson in less than an hour. I bought the complete package beginner through advanced because I am determined to be able to communicate with my German friends in their language. This program offers a huge amount of content organized in a step-by-step manageable way to ensure success at your own pace. I am very pleased with my purchase. Great value and pleasantly entertaining style!